Deploying Ember to AWS Cheat Sheet 2015-11-14

Today I set up my second Ember deployment to AWS. What follows is the consolidated recipe that comes from following the combination of my last two posts:

Introducing ember-cli-deploy-cloudfront and ember-cli-deploy-aws-pack 2015-11-10

Last week, I blogged about deploying Ember to AWS CloudFront. At the end of the post, I noted two improvements I’d like to make:

Deploying Ember to AWS CloudFront using ember-cli-deploy 2015-11-01

I am working on a side project in Ember, and I want to serve the application with SSL. This application will be interacting with 3rd party APIs and authenticating using 3rd party OAuth, so I want to serve it to users with HTTPS encryption.

Switching to Vim with Dvorak 2012-02-14

Last year, I made the switch to using the Dvorak simplified keyboard. I have never been a very fast typer, and I agreed with the philosophy behind Dvorak: keys are organized based on frequency and patterns of common use (whereas the standard QWERTY layout was actually designed to slow typers down as a method of preventing typewriter jams). Since making the switch, I have already improved my typing speed over anything I was able to do with QWERTY.

Password Security (For Your Own Good) 2011-08-02

My time today at The Brandery was spent putting together the core of Receept’s signup/login functionality (a vitally important part of any web app), and I took a little time to implement a solution for what has always been one of my pet peeves.

Lessons from Old Spice Man’s Social Web Ubiquity 2010-07-16

If you’ve been unplugged from your favorite social network the past few days, you might have missed one of the most impressive social web campaigns in recent memory. If you’ve been active on Twitter or Facebook, I’m not sure how you could have missed this: Procter & Gamble launched an amazing social campaign to promote their Old Spice body washes.

Lessons in Touch App Design From a 3 Year Old 2010-06-01

Whenever we create a web application for a client, we spend a significant amount of time and effort thinking through how the application should behave for its users. It is a priority for us that each element of interaction in an application help the user accomplish their intended goal quickly and efficiently and with a minimum of confusion.

Website vs. Web App – What’s the Difference? 2010-04-29

We hear the term “Web app” thrown around a lot in tech circles. We hear about Web apps living in the cloud, mobile Web apps, and Web app development frameworks. However, I suspect that the average web user doesn’t know (and maybe doesn’t care) about the difference between a Web app and a website. Many people think that any URL you type into a browse takes you to a website, resulting in references to things like “that Facebook website.”

So Where Does This iPad Thing Fit? 2010-04-15

I’m writing this post – you guessed it – on my iPad.

Introducing the dynamIt URL-shortening API 2010-04-06

While using the Tweetie 2 Twitter client on my iPhone a couple of weeks ago, I realized the app developer saw fit to include the option of using any URL shortening service I might desire if the shortening service provided an appropriate API.

Use Magic Mouse Swipe to Switch Tabs in Firefox 2009-11-11

I picked up my Apple Magic Mouse a couple weeks ago, and I am totally in love with it. However, most of the programs I regularly use for web development don’t take advantage of the two-finger swipe gesture. Luckily, Firefox includes support for gestures that let me set up my mouse to switch tabs with the left/right swipe!

Farewell COSI, Hello dynamIt 2009-08-17

As of the end of the month, I will be moving on from my current position as Web Manager at COSI to join the web engineering and design team at dynamIt.

Synchronizing Novell GroupWise Calendar with iPhone 2009-06-09

As the Web Manager for a science center, I get a lot of people who come to me at work with random technology questions. For a couple of months, I have had coworkers asking me how they might be able to synchronize their Novell GroupWise calendar at work with their iPhone. I have always just typed in important appointments into the iPhone by hand, but yesterday I did a little Google searching, and I found out that GroupWise to iPhone synching can actually be quite seamless when you use the right middleman: Google Calendar!

Museum Social Media Categories? 2009-02-09

After last week’s Museum 2.0 post about our social media experiments at COSI, I’ve been continuing to think quite a bit about how museums engage in the various networks available for their use. What I’ve since pieced together is three areas of social media use for museums that each come with their own unique challenges for acceptance with the institution. Here is a little brain dump of my working model:

A Little Help? 2009-01-06

My excuse for sporadic updates? I’ve been crazy busy with miscellaneous site changes, a new movie, a coming traveling exhibit, and pages for two new permanent exhibit installations (one complete, one under construction). So where do I find time to continue progress on the site redesign? Well, to be blunt, I don’t!

Two New Launches! 2008-12-12

I promise to get back to the Yammer series, but maybe this post will help explain why there’s been a little break in them…

New Home Page...Finally! 2008-11-19

After weeks of work, I was very excited to officially launch the NEW home page today!

Yammer at COSI (Part 2 of ?) - Signing Up 2008-11-13

I have had some good response to my first blog about Yammer (the Yammer Team even Twittered about it!), so I figure I’ll try to keep the momentum going (and keep you from waiting) by continuing the conversation today.

Yammer at COSI (Part 1 of ?) - What is Yammer? 2008-11-12

Last week I had the fun experience of leading a couple of internal training sessions at COSI about Yammer. As a service to those who were unable to attend and as a resource to those of you who don’t work at COSI, I will be blogging through the content we covered in these sessions. At any point, you may also elect to go rogue and just read the tutorials and help documents at (which conveniently enough is also where you sign up for Yammer…but that will be covered in my next post).

Feeling Wanted 2008-10-10

One quick update before I take off for the weekend ;)

A Little Give and Take... 2008-10-03

Tuesday night, I attended the monthly meeting of the Columbus Social Media Cafe. The CSMC is an informal gathering of individuals from all over Columbus (organization webmasters, local bloggers, others) who are interested in exploring social media as a method of promoting positive change in Columbus.

To Flash or not to Flash? 2008-09-25

It’s been almost a week since my last post, but I’m gonna go with the excuse that I was pretty sick the past few days. Aren’t you glad that there is a computer screen between us now?

A Simple Fix for Simple Machines 2008-09-19

Yesterday morning I recieved an email from Dr. Jeffrey Wood, Professor of Physics at San Juan College in New Mexico. Here is part of his email:

Football, Hurricanes, and a COSI Home Page 2008-09-15

After the Buckeyes losing, the Steelers winning, and half of a tree now laying in my front yard thanks to Hurricane Ike, I was pleasantly surprised to find this morning that we still do have power at COSI. That won’t keep the meat in my fridge at home from spoiling, but at least I can get a little work done this week (as it would be very difficult to do my job with no electricity).

The Death and Rebirth of 2008-09-11

Three weeks ago, had one of its darkest days. At 1:30 PM on Tuesday, August 19th, the COSI web site died an unexpected death. The timing couldn’t have been worse, as we were celebrating our recent #1 ranking by Parents Magazine with a special $1 admission offer that day. Radio and TV outlets throughout Columbus were directing listeners and viewers to for more information about the promotion, and the site wasn’t there to be seen!