A Little Help?

My excuse for sporadic updates? I’ve been crazy busy with miscellaneous site changes, a new movie, a coming traveling exhibit, and pages for two new permanent exhibit installations (one complete, one under construction). So where do I find time to continue progress on the site redesign? Well, to be blunt, I don’t!

So I came up with a solution… I need an intern! What follows is the “official description” of the position. If you or anyone you know would be interested in helping out and gaining some great experience in the process, let me know!

COSI College Internship Position Description

Job Title: Web Production Intern Reports to: Web Manager Openings: 1 Time Requirement: Minimum 10-15 hours per week of the internship


To assist in the current redevelopment of the COSI.org web site by assisting with regular site maintenance tasks and email marketing message construction.


Goal: To gain practical experience in a professional environment using current web site management strategies and tools while learning the importance of planning, current web standards, and accomplishing work in the midst of an active atmosphere.

a. Understand the best practices employed in organizational web site management such as design standards, content contribution, and publisher review. b. Help COSI keep its web site content current and fresh through use of internal communications, site analytics, and visitor feedback. c. Learn how Content Management Systems are used to organize, update, and approve online content from a variety of sources. d. Learn about use of modern web design standards and strategies for greatest browser compatibility and user accessibility. e. Use a web-based management system to create and update web site content. f. Learn to adapt content creation abilities for use in email marketing with the opportunity to create unique email campaigns.


Under the supervision of the Senior Director of Marketing & Communications and the Web Manager, the Web Production Intern’s duties may include:

a. Meeting with appropriate COSI Team members as needed to complete tasks. b. Being respectful of COSI visitors at all times, following COSI’s Guest Service philosophies. c. Other duties as assigned.


a. One year of Marketing, Web Site Design or Development, Interactive Media, or related coursework completed is required. b. Interest in current and future Internet communication technologies. c. Understanding in how the Internet is used to communicate organizational messages. d. Experience in learning unique or proprietary systems (quick learner). e. Basic experience utilizing Adobe Photoshop and HTML coding required. f. Beginner knowledge of web standards and Cascading Style Sheets preferred but not required.


a. As arranged by supervisor Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm. b. Work from home possible for certain tasks or projects.


a. Orientation and training for your specific job duties. b. A letter of recommendation at the completion of the internship. c. Free admission to COSI and discounts in the theaters, café, and gift shop. d. Free parking. e. Professional level mentorship and supervision. f. Invitations to Team events and parties.