Two New Launches!

I promise to get back to the Yammer series, but maybe this post will help explain why there’s been a little break in them…

We’ve had two significant launches on the web this week at COSI!

The first one is our new “Share and Connect” page, where all of our social media involvement is summed up in one place. I used a little scripting to add in some boxes that open and close to show/hide some of the badges or embedded content from each site (partly because it looks nifty and partly because the badges all look different and thus look bad when all jammed onto the same page). Response has been very positive, including this nice mention on Nina Simon’s Museum 2.0 blog:

COSI has done a lovely job aggregating all of their social media efforts into one “Share” tab on their website. Not only do they tell you where you can connect with them in Web 2.0-land, they explain what the different Web services do, which makes the invitation to connect less threatening for visitors who (like many of us) aren’t really sure what Twitter is.

The other new bit of web stuff is a site for our newest traveling exhibition, Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science. The site was launched just hours before a joint press conference Thursday morning announced the Egypt in Columbus collaborative effort between the Columbus Museum of Art and COSI, with both featuring major Egypt exhibitions in 2009. This joint project has already gotten some good local press and blog mentions.

More fun stuff coming soon!