A Little Give and Take...

Tuesday night, I attended the monthly meeting of the Columbus Social Media Cafe. The CSMC is an informal gathering of individuals from all over Columbus (organization webmasters, local bloggers, others) who are interested in exploring social media as a method of promoting positive change in Columbus.

One of the interesting topics of dicussion this week was the recent O-H-I-O advertising campaign from The Ohio State University. Ted Hattemer from OSU shared about how this whole campaign started with a picture that was sent from a US soldier overseas forming the O-H-I-O with local children. The university has since invited people to submit their own O-H-I-O photographs, and in the process has captured images of all kinds of people all over the world joining in this familiar cheer.

This got me thinking… how can we at COSI better tap into the memories that thousands of families create here in our building? We have established a YouTube channel, a Flickr Group, and a Facebook Page where you can interact with us and share your own experiences at COSI, and we’d love to have you share your experiences with us through those avenues!

As we seek to develop these ideas further, the community section of COSI.org will be molded into more of a “share” area, where we will make it as easy as possible to contribute your own photos and videos of the great experiences you have at COSI with us and each other. We have even begun to promote this opportunity by reminding you as you exit the building to upload your photos and videos at www.cosi.org/share.

Are there other ways you’d like to be able to interact with us and share your experiences? Leave a comment with your ideas, and we just might be able to make it happen!